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Hunter strongly believes that food doesn’t have to be needlessly elaborate or complex to satisfy customers. In fact, he is significantly influenced by high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Indeed, when catering Vail CO, our operation relies on ingredients of an exceptional caliber to procure dishes beyond your wildest imagination. In essence, we formulate from the ground up to gift you an unforgettable culinary experience. A well-respected name in Vail catering and beyond, Hunter is a tour de force of talent, ambition, and creativity. As a purveyor of culinary expertise, Hunter can take his diners around the world using high-quality ingredients and time-honored techniques. Ever the adventurist, he is a calculated risk-taker, fusing a vault of learned methodology with his own passion for culinary curation.

Welcome to Big Delicious where exemplary customer service meets exceptional food created for the refined palette. With headquarters in the picturesque Vail Valley, our ever-evolving menu aims to reflect and encapsulate the best of the Rocky Mountains using European techniques. Far more than just food, our gourmet catering in Vail gifts customers with a holistically enriching dining experience. As a locale known for its luxury, refinement, and world-class resorts, our catering services go far above and beyond your greatest expectations. Above all else, we make it our business to provide an unforgettable culinary experience whether your event is small and intimate, or grandiose and elaborate. We take care of all the details, logistics, and food curation, to ensure your event moves forward with no issue. For Vail catering that takes culinary experiences to new summits, Big Delicious is precisely what you need.
Behind every extraordinary catering company, is an ambitious chef who spearheads the operation. Hunter Smith is Big Delicious’s decorated, Owner and Executive chef.  



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In a place where talented chefs abound, we made a name for ourselves by crafting food that is always locally sourced yet influenced by international techniques and global mystique. With classic training in cooking styles from Japan to Europe, those who choose Big Delicious can expect a personalized, intriguing, and thoughtfully curated menu selection. As far as Vail caterers are concerned, our team is the one you want for a fully immersive culinary experience. We recognize that every event is special in its own right, therefore, we are committed to providing unforgettable meals that fit well within the context of your gathering. Moreover, a critical component of the entire catering process is curating the menu. 

With years of hands-on experience and a knack for artistic ingenuity, Hunter and the team create meals that are memorable and always expertly executed. Above all else, we want your guests to walk away feeling like our catering Vail Colorado operation is unmatched in craftsmanship, efficacy, and food quality. We have remarkably high standards for the food that we choose to serve our clients. We strongly believe that exceptional ingredients make all the difference in our dishes. As a team of visionaries, we choose to craft a variety of different dishes that range from delightfully offbeat to classically appealing with infusions of interest. Regardless of what our Vail caterers choose to serve, you can guarantee they’re held together by a universal thread of outstanding ingredients. Our team utilizes quality grades of USDA prime meats, in addition to local greens and vegetables with vibrant color. Naturally, these high-caliber ingredients translate into a healthy selection of foods. Nevertheless, for those who are so inclined, we offer clients the opportunity to retain a private healthy chef Vail CO wellness aficionados will love. By any means necessary, our catering exists to gift you with an unforgettable meal you’ll fondly remember for years to come.

The Personal Chef Vail Colorado Relies On

Unlike your standard 5-star meal at a restaurant, we take on the added responsibility of executing logistics. With years of experience as a guiding principle, our Vail caterers are capable of conducting a symphony of sorts when we combine food, transport, serving, and all other important components of executing a dinner. Our business speaks for itself, however, plenty of former and current customers confirm our impressive balancing act. As a result, we have no room for errors or missteps. We try and operate infallibly, however, should the rare error occur we deal with the fallout immediately. With years of culinary training and experience, our team can swiftly solve problems and operate successfully within the confines of a high-stress environment. 

Once we find our rhythm, it’s nearly impossible for our team to get distracted. Perhaps this is why we have excelled in all kinds of environments. Our award-winning Vail catering team has served on location for jobs that are multiple days long and require a near-constant level of attention. We feel fortunate to have formed a team where fluidity and attention to detail coexist effortlessly. We strongly believe our team is an impenetrable force that circumvents kitchen dramatics and chaos, in favor of a smoothly running operation. Big Delicious has been at the helm of countless catering jobs from private corporate parties to heavily involved weddings. In these types of events, timing is of the essence and the entire dining portion of the event depends on us. Other Vail catering companies might back away from taking on these larger events. However, you can guarantee we’ll take care of all the necessary logistics ensuring you have the opportunity to sit back and leisurely enjoy your party.

Vail Caterers with
a Knack for Visuals

Now that we’ve spoken about our ingredients, team, expertise, and more, we’ll briefly touch on the importance of creating and upholding visuals. The appearance of ourselves and our food is something we spend a considerable amount of time investing in. As your personal chef Vail Colorado clients can anticipate nothing short of elegance and sophistication. We go the extra mile to ensure all of our dishes look immaculate before they ever reach your table. Whether we’ve created an intricate hoarder or a masterfully concocted entrée, our dishes are bound to excite your optics. We take a lot of pride in the visual components of our work and choose to create our dishes thoughtfully. On every front, we want you and your guests to be inspired by our attention to detail. 

So much so, that the next time you think about opting for catering near Vail, you’ll automatically think of us.
Likewise, our staff always present themselves in an appropriate manner. We understand that many of the events we service are often upper echelon, special events where a level of decorum is expected and encouraged. When we work at your event, we always operate with an extreme adherence to professionalism. We navigate catering Vail CO with a set of pre-established standards that won’t waiver regardless of who we serve. Our team members will engage when necessary, upholding an air of approachability and peak civility as we do. In any event, our clients can expect that our team will assist them in upholding their event’s sophistication.

Catering Vail
Colorado and Beyond

With headquarters in the Vail Valley, we proudly serve Vail and its surrounding areas. Incidentally, we also offer our services for those in nearby locations including, but not limited to, Denver and Aspen. Rocky mountain catering has never been more convenient, as we bring our expertise to the finest cities in Colorado. You’ll never have to worry about timeframes and logistics. As soon as we get you confirmed on our schedule, we will ensure we find a way to transport our food and crew to your location preserving every important element as we do. For more information regarding our practices, and how we became one of the top Vail catering companies, we’re eager to discuss options with you today.

Rachel K. Omaha, NE

You could not ask for a more responsive and creative Chef! Hunter does not disappoint in food design! Prices are very affordable, and we couldn't be more impressed with question response time!

Jonathan Powell Client

Having hired private catering folks for over 40 corporate events, I can honestly say I have never had a more delighted group of clients than when In hired Hunter and his team. He is a perfectionist and delivers a 'World Class' meal. You would have to go to a '5 Star' restaurant to match the experience.

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