A Vail Catering Company With Creativity

When it comes to locales in Colorado, Vail is one of the most eclectic and interesting places in the state. Vail is a popular destination for people both around the world and in the United States, making it a destination for up-and-coming Vail caterers and restaurateurs. Over the past several years many fine dining operations, sommeliers, real estate developers, and winter sports aficionados have found their way to the ski town. Vail has effectively become a location that is home to world-class skiing, shopping, and vacations. Furthermore, a lot of people currently travel to the Vail Valley to host their events. Events such as destination weddings have become a relatively large draw, and for good reason. It’s hard not to envision yourself amongst the backdrop of the mountains, surrounded by loved ones. Following the ceremony, we know just the Vail personal chef to take on the responsibility of catering.

Why should you choose a personal chef, and what are some of the benefits of having a locally owned and operated catering company take care of your dinner? Here are some of the reasons why you should look into hiring the services of Big Delicious. To begin with, a personal chef gives you an opportunity to plan a meal on your terms. Part of what makes personal chef’s so enticing is their ability to flex their artistic muscles. Many catering companies in Vail and beyond can become halted by tunnel vision or remain unwilling to branch out beyond what they know.

The beauty of our business, and the reason we feel it’s been so massively successful, is our ability to let your event serve as a guiding force for how we curate the menu. As you’ll see from our many available examples, we aim to introduce a wide variety of styles into our menus, while having them remain anchored by a few key components. We believe all Vail caterers should take advantage of the wonderful agriculture and organic vegetables that are widely available in our area. After you spend time in Vail, you quickly became acclimatized to the local flare and the diverse offerings of high-grade products. It becomes relatively easy to craft an exceptional meal for those who are seeking high-caliber catering. With years of guiding experience, our team genuinely enjoys the artistic recalibration that constantly rendering new ideas provides.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Gourmet Chef Vail Colorado

One of the largest draws to Vail, Colorado is invariably world-class skiing. As a result, private parties will often search for the cooking of a renowned private chef in the area. On top of tourism-related parties, Vail has also become a hot spot for destination weddings, conferences, multi-day festivals, and more. Consider the following reasons why you should consider Big Delicious for your next Vail catering event:
A Personal Experience: Chef Hunter Smith has worked all over the continental United States, in some of the country’s most acclaimed restaurants. Working as a restaurant chef by proxy helps catering chefs as it teaches them the essence of time management and staying organized.

Our team has taken on countless larger parties and run them successfully due to years of working in high-stress kitchens. The transition to a personal chef allows for more creativity and a customized experience for our customers. One of the best components of catering Vail is the opportunity to introduce our meals at your dinner party and go in-depth to explain the creative process.
Whether they work in a restaurant or a catering capacity, chefs typically have their specialties that they incorporate into a good portion of their work. You also have chefs who possess varying points of view regarding everything from cuts of meat to implementation of non-conventional or niche ingredients. When choosing their personal chef Vail prospective customers should consider the specialties they offer.

Big Delicious has always put an emphasis on fresh ingredients. We believe that the key to an exceptional meal begins with having the right ingredients to correspond harmoniously with one another. Given that our chef was trained in European techniques, this often includes using meat as the heart of the dish. As a result, you’ll find many of our plates implement high-grade meat, with a creative injection of sauces, au jus, reductions, and plenty of other complementary elements. As a chef with a large foundation of training, the work we do in catering has further created a love for the exploratory nature of the job.

Furthermore, we’re the personal chef Vail Co can trust for expertly crafted meals that reflect a refined cooking style. Your team for every event: Versatility is an essential component of our entire process and is what we consistently rely on to stay current and adaptable. We take on a number of different jobs and carry them out to completion while crafting the food to reflect the nature of the event. In tandem with versatility is our flexibility. We offer customers an opportunity for plated dinners, well-done buffets. You’ll find our catering at weddings, festivals, corporate events, parties. We’re the Vail caterers who specialize in punctuating your special event with standout selections.

Vail Catering and Prepared Foods

Likewise, to our catering options, we help our clients with prepared foods for when they need easy, gourmet, takeaway options. Prepared foods are ideal for those who want the flexibility of choosing their meal, taking it to a location, and preparing it at their own convenience. Historically, people have gravitated towards a catered meal for a few reasons. It takes the guesswork out of having to serve your guests, is controlled by the caterers, and allows for more freedom during your special event. However, there is a definitive ease that accompanies getting your food prepared beforehand. Our prepared food benefits from the comfort and accessibility of allowing you to pick and choose exactly when you eat, and on your schedule. Nevertheless, it still draws comparisons to using our Vail personal chef services due to its convenience and a wide selection of options.

The Affordable Personal Chef Vail Needs

Despite our high caliber of ingredients and or relentlessly professional style, we aim to gift our clients with services that are reasonably priced and not needlessly expensive. At Big Delicious, we’re driven by a true passion, and a clear desire to see our meals bring people together and serve as a memorable part of the event. Above all else, we’re motivated to be the Vail Caterers that bring an unparalleled level of excellence, artistry, and convenience to your event. We handle all of the logistics from the cooking to the setup and transporting all of the food to your party. In essence, it’s our job to ensure that you have no greater responsibility other than to enjoy your day. As far as party size is concerned, our threshold of capability included hundreds of people. If you’re worried about the size of an event being too large or too complex, our proven track record shows we can handle extra-large events, including events that last several days. Our Vail catering team is prepared to take on any task, regardless of size, scope, and complexity. Our ultimate goal is to bring you a taste of refined artistry that you will remember for years and years to come. Have you recently had a Big Delicious meal and want to try it out for your own event? Maybe you’ve come across our company in your searches and want to hear more about our offerings? Whatever the case may be, we can’t wait to hear all about your event and get to work on the logistics of getting it catered.