Aspen Private Chef Catering Experiences

Aspen, CO is a famed location that hosts a significant amount of tourism and events. This mountain town located roughly 100 miles southwest of Vail boasts many of the same attributes. At a population of just over 6,600, today Aspen thrives on a healthy tourism industry. If you’ve spent any time in Aspen, it’s clear to see why we fell in love with it at Big Delicious and successfully solidified ourselves as an Aspen catering company. Despite its small-town numbers, Aspen is a playground for people from all over the world looking to explore and indulge in some of the world’s best skiing and outdoor recreation. Aspen has one of the best event calendars in the state, boasting an eclectic mix of events from the 12 days of Aspen Christmas festival to the myriad of ski-related events.
As you’ve already guessed by now the demand for Aspen caterers is high, and you’ll find a wide selection of fantastic catering companies eager to take on the job. However, we’re the team that brings an eclectic and personalized style to your catering events, making us one of the top selections for catering Aspen CO. As an experienced caterer who has juggled serving a number of top pedigree destinations, our team knows how to maintain organization and professionalism under the most oppressive and challenging of circumstances.  Whether we’re serving in Vali, Beaver Creek, Denver, and/or Aspen, we bring the same level of charm and function to every job we take on. Every job is an opportunity to showcase our abilities but moreover, give our customers the best dining experience of their life. Whether that occurs at a festival with easily rendered street food options, or a private dinner after a day on the slopes, we take pride in every single event we cater. We bring Aspen catering to a new level with our unbeatable approach.

Catering Aspen Private Events Is our Specialty

Incidentally, yes, there is a rather interesting demand for European catering Aspen locals and tourists are taking advantage of. Why choose European catering, and why choose it specifically in Aspen? Here are some of the reasons this exquisite mountain town is opting for the likes of this niche type of catering. European catering, first and foremost, generally revolves around the specific palette of western European influences. Despite its small-town populace and appeal, Aspen is a world-class destination that sees travel from all over the world. International patrons find themselves flocking to this dreamy mountain town for events, recreation, and celebration. Moreover, we’re the European caterers Aspen can trust for diversity. A lot of times when clients think about European catering, they become enamored with a singular type of cooking. At Big Delicious, we take on a composite view when it comes to our European offerings. We choose to create food that represents the dynamism of Europe, which entails an explorative and layered approach. As your Aspen catering company, we make it our mission to provide a taste of Europe that’s as nuanced as the continent itself.
As the European caterers Aspen trusts for authenticity, we offer our clients a full spectrum of the continent’s best. Above all else, we offer a dining experience that fits your specific needs and is designed with your party in mind. Ergo, a corporate dinner in Denver will look different than a European-style sit-down meal in Aspen. The beauty of Big Delicious, and perhaps our biggest selling point, is our ability to be versatile at a moment’s notice. We create the perfect meal for you, down to the way in which it is served and the number of people you plan on hosting. As your Aspen catering team, we have a direct vested interest in getting your event or gathering off to an immaculate start and keeping a close and tight schedule to serve you as optimally as possible. When working in a locale as deeply celebrated and as upper echelon as Aspen, you want a catering team who has experience in the field.

An Enriching Catering Aspen CO Experience

With various Aspen catering companies at your behest, what sets Big Delicious apart? For starters, our chef Hunter Smith is a celebrated force in the community and has been actively involved in some of the best Aspen events and festivals the town has had to offer. With Hunter at the helm, our team considers ourselves purveyors of entertainment, creating an experience that is as unforgettable due to its food, as it is due to its style and finesse. We spend a considerable amount of time on the details, crafting an experience that is utterly new and innovative each and every time. As a result, we provide catering Aspen CO endorses fully for its adaptability and exceptional meals.
Like many other caterers in Aspen, we know that private parties and events make up a large amount of the demand. Catering Aspen requires a true level of dedication and commitment to making things exceptional. In this regard, our team delivers time and time again, having hosted a wide variety of dinners for important dinner parties, celebratory events, and critical corporate events. In many of these circumstances, the hosts who call upon us for service are in a type of situation where they need to dazzle and impress. In order to give you the best of our abilities, we focus on creating a personalized and individualized dining experience that goes above and beyond your typical Aspen caterers scope of interest. We aim to give our clients an unforgettable experience, and gift them with an evening or day where they have the opportunity to truly indulge in some of the culinary industry’s best. We ensure that every little detail from the necessary prep to the cooking, and the delivery, is executed without so much as a flaw.
While you can circumvent a lot of things in the cooking and culinary industry, one thing you cannot skirt around is the knowledge and skill that comes with experience. Our Aspen caterers spearhead the craft and have the proper credentials to ensure events run smoothly and without so much as a single hiccup. Furthermore, should an issue arise, as veterans of the industry we take care of the problem in a conscientious and time-sensitive manner. As a team of experienced industry workers, we know what it takes to run a kitchen, a catering affair, and everything in between. When dealing with a high caliber of client, as we often do in Aspen, we bring our A-game each time and are committed to gifting clients with a remarkable meal. If you’re in search of a dining moment that truly transcends, our team is ready to take over. Whether we create a menu for you that boasts intricate Japanese influences or a classic European affair, we bring your dinner party nothing short of a fully immersive and transcendental experience. For an exceptional personal chef Aspen can trust chef Hunter Smith and the team to deliver.

Let’s Talk Aspen Catering

As both a summer and winter destination, we are accustomed to having Aspen catering events take place all year long. Regardless of the time of year, we make it our mission to bring your event or gathering an all-inclusive dining experience with some of the best ingredients you can get your hands on. Our meals are crafted using only the finest of ingredients. Robust marbled cuts of beef, vegetables that are bursting in color, and homemade sauces from scratch, it’s impossible not to be drawn in. Above all else, our food is meant to unite people over meals. We see the inherent value in these events and the way that they bring people together. Big Delicious is dedicated to gifting clients with an unforgettable dining affair, which is as much about food as it is about professionalism, ambiance, and presentation. To learn more about our Aspen catering company, we encourage you to get in contact today. We are eager to discuss your expectations and needs, while simultaneously crafting a specified plan for your ceremony or gathering.