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Big Delicious is your premier choice for personal dining in the Vail Valley servicing Eagle, Edwards, and Beaver Creek for private parties, small events, and catering. These exclusive locales often host a variety of small festivities, and we’re the catering company behind them. While our team has historically served and hosted catering events for a multitude of different celebrations, private parties have always been a personal favorite niche. We offer all of the listed towns deluxe catering opportunities at a realistic and fair price. Whether they’re hosting a private corporate event in Beaver Creek or require catering Edwards CO and Eagle CO residents will find an exquisite dining experience with our team at the helm.
We make the process for prospective hosts simple by allowing for quick turnaround times and detailed consultations, where we go over our plans at length. Chef Hunter Smith makes the process incredibly simple, largely in part due to his years of culinary experience in multiple capacities. Additionally, our company has successfully completed hundreds of relevant jobs without a hitch. We’re not only the best choice for private catering companies in the area, but we are also the best choice for a private chef Beaver Creek and many other towns in Vail Valley endorse. With a multitude of other competent catering companies in the area, one must ask, why should we opt for Big Delicious?

A Customized Catering Eagle CO Experience

Many catering companies become hyper-focused on creating meals that are often exceptional but don’t necessarily account for the party at hand or the group for which they are serving. Various chefs will unintentionally bypass their client’s desires in favor of crafting whatever meal they fancy. With our team as your choice of provider, we want to offer our participants far more than just an unforgettable meal. Frankly, the Vail Valley is home to world-class food and restaurants. In our area, finding a good meal is not a difficult foray. Nevertheless, what we offer clients is more than just a great meal. We offer clients and diners a deep dive into our world of culinary mystique, an opportunity to experience fine dining with a group of important colleagues, friends, and family. We are a private catering company Beaver Creek diners will find to be professional, punctual, talented, and precise. At the head of our operation is none other than Chef Hunter Smith. Already a veteran of fine dining, he is no stranger to bringing his customers one-of-a-kind experiences that rank amongst the top meals of their lives. Having worked in some of the country’s top restaurants and having appeared on Food Network’s gargantuan hit show “Iron Chef”, Chef Hunter has a storied career and easily one of the most decorated resumes in the Vail Valley. A veteran of the world-famous Nobu and the critically acclaimed Kelly Liken amongst many others, it’s easy to see how he ascended to be the personal chef Beaver Creek CO residents and visitors aspire to hire.Moreover, Hunter brings a penchant for entertaining and effortlessly guiding private diners through their meal. In fact, he greatly enjoys the work he does at private parties and the level of intimacy they offer. In the numerous restaurants Hunter has worked in, he’s served in critical positions including sous chef, enabling him to gain a real penchant for impeccable service.

Far From Your Average Private Catering Company Beaver Creek

At the apex of his culinary journey, Chef Hunter Smith gifts his private parties a meal that extends far beyond the food on the plate. Approachable, professional, yet never overbearing, a meal hosted by Hunter and the team, is steeped in exceptional customer service- not unlike what you would receive at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants. Not every personal chef Beaver Creek CO clients hire has the same aptitude for creating a holistically rich dining experience. The Big Delicious team will take care of all the logistics from transport to preparation, in the end, providing meals that are bound to impress even the most critical of palettes. In particular, the team has had great experiences working at the world-class Beaver Creek resort. Beaver Creek in all its signature aristocratic style and unbeatable refinement, is the perfect backdrop for a meal unlike any other. From the comfort of your own space, we provide an experience steeped in artistic prowess and unbelievable food. We are thrilled to offer a private chef Beaver Creek experience you’ll carry with you for a lifetime. For more information regarding our private chef and private catering options, send us a message or call us today. With years of successful celebrations behind us, our process unveils with an ease that can only be acquired with time. Get in touch now and we’ll walk you through our private catering company Beaver Creek options.