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Your Comprehensive Vail Catering Company Finding a catering company in Vail, Colorado is actually quite simple. Finding the right catering company for you in Vail, Colorado gets to be a bit more tricky. With so many options to choose from, how do you ever know which route to go? Enter Big Delicious, your go-to for your every catering need. Over our many years in business, we have serviced hundreds of happy clients and thousands of happy guests. In a town as competitive and lively as Vail, it certainly takes time and effort to solidify yourself as a top option. Nevertheless, thanks to years of providing clients with immaculate service, and proving our merit through eclectic dining experiences, we’ve mastered the art of catering. We not only can be your Vail Catering company of choice we want to be your Vail catering company of choice. Before we divulge our offerings and services, here is a brief overview of why we’re the right option for you. Experience: Chef Hunter Smith is the creative and culinary mastermind behind Big Delicious. Hunter is not only a respected member of the Vail culinary community, but he is also a force to be reckoned with outside of Colorado. Having served in important positions, including a televised stint on the Food Network’s Iron Chef, Hunter brings a versatility to his catering unlike any other. Developing a rapport with others in the industry and clients is a non-negotiable key to success. Our catering in Vail Colorado is intimate as it can be, while still drawing on inspiration from around the world techniques and ideas. Food: What is a catering company without its signature food? Of course, any sort of experience, professionalism, and presentation is all for naught if the food isn’t good. All it takes is a quick search of our name, and you will find that Big Delicious is synonymous with delicious food. We aim to make our food exciting, enriching, and appealing to a wide variety of palettes. However, we never shy away from creativity and innovation which has directly made us a household name in Vail Valley. With experience in a myriad of cooking styles, we offer customers a specialized and personalized menu that is always improving and changing. We enjoy flexing our creative muscles, while still never losing focus on simply providing guests with exemplary food. With our catering in Vail Colorado, you will find we implement the finest ingredients. We believe that good food comes from good ingredients, and you cannot ever sacrifice quality high-grade ingredients in your process. Without high-caliber food, you will find your meals eventually cannot meet basic expectations. Professionalism: One of our largest niches is weddings. Unsurprisingly as weddings are immensely popular in Vail, and usually require exemplary food. Whether it’s a small dinner party of four or a wedding of 400, we bring the exact same air of professionalism, approachability, and punctuality to each job. We’re dressed for the occasion and always ready to work, problem solve, and deliver. Ergo, we offer wedding catering Vail trusts implicitly for results.

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Every exceptional wedding needs incredible food to match. We offer that and more with our catering in Vail Colorado. When it comes to your wedding, you deserve nothing but the best in quality and service. Big Delicious proudly services weddings all across the Vail Valley providing you with excellence at every turn. We make the process simple and easy for you by creating a menu that is bound to excite your guests. Moreover, we’ll ensure the menu is up to your standards by providing you with ample choices for what you wish to serve. Whether you’re looking for something plated and formal, or a simple buffet-style affair, we have the tools to serve you. We offer affordable deals on our wedding packages and come to your special day prepared and eager to serve your guests. For premier wedding catering Vail trusts us to handle their service. Our services are also available for a multitude of different events and parties. We take care of everything from small and intimate dinner parties to large wedding groups. Is your event a multiple-day extravaganza? We’ll be there every day providing exemplary food and options for your group. We also specialize in the following: BBQ catering Vail Colorado: For a downhome style of cooking, we offer our famous BBQ catering. The perfect accompaniment to a summer event, or backyard affair, we provide homemade classics to you and yours at an affordable price.
Party Catering, Vail, CO: As our bread and butter, party catering is always available for any party, of any size, during any time of year. We offer a personalized menu, designed to thrill your guests. Our private parties run seamlessly smooth thanks to our dedicated team and professional demeanor. To learn more about any of our services, call or get in contact today. We are eager to discuss your project.

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